3 Important Advances in The Mobile Satellite Industry

The mobile satellite industry has undergone some significant advancements in recent years. There are quite a few trends that are beginning to shape satellite communications ranging from mobile satellite connectivity to data applications. Furthermore, society has placed a high demand on mobility and have pushed for their networks to efficiently and reliably handle their performance requirements while on the move. Let’s examine three important advances in the mobile satellite industry.

1. Merging of Satellite and Land Mobile Industries

More and more products are being introduced into the global market for use in the satellite industry. This push comes from consumer’s need for higher bandwidth requirements and an increase in mobility without compromising the service. The “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend has slowly increased and is being coupled with satellite connectivity that enables users to adapt their smartphones to satellites. SatMagazine┬átakes a look a one such product called the Thuraya SatSleeve. This allows for easy and convenient connections and is a huge breakthrough by making satellite technology accessible for mobile users. Now it is simple to make your own iOS or Android device into a satellite phone.

2. Focus Towards Data Applications

The mobile phone industry is driven by data applications and services. The desire to access these applications quickly and easily has transformed into the delivery of satellite services. The mobile satellite industry is creating products that will enable customers to access the same applications that are used on their mobile phones and devices through adapting and developing data terminals. The main goal is to make it affordable to everyone, while still providing the same services that would be offered on a traditional mobile phone. Additionally, businesses are seeking to incorporate this technology into their daily operations in order to monitor their assets in real-time.

3. Expansion of Mobile Communication Services

Individuals have relayed their desire for an increase in service mobility when using their phone or devices. Advancements in the mobile satellite industry have made this possible. There is a growing desire for communications to develop on-the-move solutions for remote users to still have reliable access in areas that they normally would be limited. Some cruise ships have even adopted satellite internet service to give to customers while sailing at sea. This means faster internet for a lower price than traditional WiFi capabilities.

With the telecommunications industry seeing a high level of growth in satellite communication delivery, we can expect many new advancements to come within the next decade. Thuraya, a mobile satellite communications company believes that this will translate to consumers being able to access broadband from their homes and businesses. Even now, the government has set higher requirements for the military based on the need for more bandwidth while on the move. Mobile satellite communication provides powerful, flexible, integrated, and commercially available abilities.