3 Times when a Stairlift will solve your Mobility Problems

Today, many home owners rely on useful stair lifts to provide better access between upper and lower levels in a home. One of these mobility assisting devices proves very useful during three common situations:

One: Household Members Requiring Long term Mobility Assistance

An increasing number of aging Americans have discovered that securely attached stair lift provides the mobility they require to successfully proceed up and down staircases safely in a seated position. Numerous health conditions may warrant this type of assistance, including amputations; congestive heart failure; some neuromuscular diseases; and many other illnesses causing weakness, fatigue, limited mobility, or balance issues.

Often, floor plans in older homes place bedrooms on upper floors. Stair lift technology sometimes offers the safest, more convenient way for wheelchair bound residents to access rooms on the second or third stories of a house. While owners must still follow safety guidelines in utilizing this type of device, a stair lift frequently provides the best possible alternative for achieving easy, convenient access to locations on upper levels of a home or building.

Two: Household Members In Need of Short-term Mobility Assistance

Additionally, stair lifts also assist thousands of people recovering from short-term accidents or surgical procedures that impair physical mobility temporarily. For instance, someone who falls and breaks a leg and uses crutches to get around until the fracture heals may risk slipping on steep staircases in the home. A stair lift offers a safer, more secure alternative for reaching an upper floor.

The availability of this type of device often enables people recovering from accidents to enjoy greater independence around the home. Instead of remaining confined to the lower level until making a full recovery, someone in this situation gains access to upper floors safely. With slips and falls accounting for an estimated 25,000 injuries every day, measures to prevent accidents contribute to a healthier population.

Three: Visiting House Guests Who Benefit From Mobility Assistance

Additionally, stair lifts prove very convenient for households caring for visiting guests with mobility assistance needs. This type of device allows people to travel safely up and down steeply inclined stairs, eliminating the need to maintain balance on each individual step.

Instead of remaining confined to a medical facility, for instance, an elderly individual with impaired mobility following an accident or a medical procedure may enjoy residing temporarily with family members in a household equipped with a stair lift. Often, a brief recovery period as a house guest proves far less costly than remaining as a patient recuperating in a full time medical care facility.

A Great Resource

Even if your household won’t utilize a stair lift on a daily basis, possessing one of these mobility aids often proves very convenient. No one can predict when a family member or guest will require short or long term assistance moving between lower and upper levels of a residence.