4 Frugal Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products

Let’s face the truth: Beauty products can be insanely expensive when you purchase them on the regular. In this way, saving money on these products is a goal of many women.

But where do you cut corners? Actually, you don’t have to. With these tips and tricks, you can save a great deal of money and still get the products you love.

1. Look for coupons, sales and bulk deals.

The first trick you should know about when it comes to buying beauty products at cheaper prices is how to shop with coupons and during sales. Coupons can be found at manufacturer’s websites, at stores and at other places on the web.

Look for sales on websites and in email and paper flyers as well. Buying during a sale can save you tons of money with each purchase.

Finally, for products that you continually purchase and seem to use at a fast pace, consider purchasing in bulk. There are often discounts that can be obtained when you buy two or more of a product either in a brick and mortar store or on the Internet.

2. Don’t feel compelled to always buy the most expensive designer products.

Often, women seem to think that more expensive is inherently better when it comes to beauty products. This is not always true, and you should remember that sometimes brand name products are marked way up. The cheapest beauty products on the market may not be a good choice for products like makeup foundation and mascara, but the most expensive products are not the best either.

3. Try your hand at making your own products.

You might also consider making your own products when you can. Body scrubs are easy, for example. You simply take a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil and add some salt or sugar. Put in a few drops of an essential oil like lavender mint or rose hips and you’ll have an instant body scrub.

4. Try to get samples when you can.

Samples can be helpful when it comes to buying beauty products. Often, each time you put a product on, you use close to a minuscule amount of the actual product, which means that a sample can last you for weeks and even weeks. Samples can be obtained by signing up for email lists or at department store makeup and beauty counters.

Samples can also be helpful when it comes to looking for the right shade of makeup. Most of the time, makeup is non-returnable. This means that if you buy a product you don’t like a shade that simply doesn’t match your skin tone or coloring in general, you’ll have to eat that money. You cannot sell used makeup or beauty products online either.