4 Ways to Choose a Vacation Resort

Sometimes it is better to stray off the beaten path for a better vacation resort experience. Maybe you are looking for something unique and still fun, with all the same amenities as a normal vacation resort. Here are four ways to choose a vacation resort to ensure you have the fullest experience.

1. Look For a Theme
A stereotypical vacation in a resort on a beach can grow a little tiresome after multiple tries. You can easily spice up your vacation plans with a theme. A great way is to choose a resort that has a fun theme or fits your chosen theme. It can be as simple as a hiking resort located in the rugged and snow covered mountains or as fun and unique as pirate themed on the Las Vegas strip. Hotels and resorts know a unique and playful theme can attract a lot of guests, so they will go out of their way to provide these fun immersive experiences for you. Resort themes can range from Lego toys, Murder Myster, Disney cartoons, Egyptian, Roman, or even romantic nights in Italy’s Venice. Any theme you dream of, you can always find a vacation resort to cater to it.

2. Unique Amenities
Almost every hotel and resort have the same amenities for guests to use and they can get boring because they never deviate from the norm. When choosing a vacation resort, try choosing one based on its unique amenities and services. Some hotels offer show tickets or fine dining experiences. As mentioned before, a lot of themed hotels offer these amenities and experiences. They range from a swim with dolphins all the way to watching Midieval knights batting it off in a game of jousting. Research hotel and resort websites and check out their list of complimentary amenities and shows.

3. Fun Location First, Then Resort Choice
Going to the same vacation spot can begin to grow boring, even worse imagine picking a seemingly great vacation resort, but the local area is a disaster deprived of fun experiences. Before you being to choose on a resort, try searching for a location or spot you are interested in first. This way you can ensure the local area has entertaining experiences that can be added on outside of the fun your resort and hotel provides. After you have picked the location, then you can search for the best resorts in that area and rest assured you will be situated in a spot with lots of local fun.

4. Furnishing
Most resorts offer great amenities and vacation experiences, but their room furnishing are out of date and uncomfortable to stay in. Since you will be on vacation for a semi-long duration of time, it is important you stay in a resort with comfortable and modern furnishings. Sometimes furnishings can be the highlight of your vacation, especially if they are fun and add on to the environmental theme of your vacation. You will spend a good majority of your vacation in your hotel room bed, so make sure it is clean and comfortable. Check the resort’s website first and check out pictures of their rooms to ensure they have something suitable for you.

Consider these tips the next time you plan your vacation at a resort. You may find a new and exciting resort you have never heard about and could end up being the hidden gem of your vacation plans.