5 Best New Cigar Brands To Look Forward To

People who collect things are always eager to buy the newest offerings every year for their collection. Cigar aficionados know what they want in a cigar and pride themselves in acquiring new types. There is actually a lot of competition among cigar collectors as to who can build the best collection. There are online tutorials about cigar collecting one How.com if you are new to the hobby. If you are looking for new brands of premium cigars, then you may be interested in these top-shelf varieties:

1. God of Fire Serie Aniversario

This is one of the new brands of premium cigars that will only have a limited production. It is made by Fuente in the Dominican Republic and honors Prometheus, a character in Greed mythology. According to the story, Prometheus wanted to help humans; so he stole fire from the gods. Because he would dare do such a thing, he was punished to eternal damnation. However, human lives changed for the better after discovering the benefits of fire.

If you are looking for a premier cigar that is highly desired by cigar collectors, then the God of Fire is an excellent choice. It is ranked mild to medium-bodied with a subtle flavor profile that ranges from nutty to a soft creamy smoke. You can enjoy is fresh, consistent smoke any time you want.

2. CLE Aladino

Many cigar buffs want a brand that is made like the cigars of yesteryear. You can turn back time with this new CLE Aladino brand. They are rolled by hand the Las Lomas factory in Honduras. These master craftsman cigars come in different ring gauges and sizes and will give you the authentic taste of corojo leaf wrappers. It is a must-have for your collection.

3. El Galan Campechano Connecticut

You may be interested in a quality, affordable cigar for you collection that is great for everyday smoking enjoyment. This new Connecticut blend was developed by master Cuban cigar maker, Felix Mesa. From the first puff to the last, your taste buds will experience a superb balance of flavor that ranges from cream, spices, and a gentle woodiness. They are hand rolled in Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers, which is a hallmark of fine cigars.

4. Hammer and Sickle Hermitage No. 1

This beautiful cigar was inspired by the famous winter palace of the Czars in St. Petersburg. Hammer and Sickle Hermitage No. 1 is a great choice if you prefer cigar with a plethora of tastes in its profile. The rich tobacco blend has delightful nuances of fruit, toffee, chocolate and a touch of red pepper. It is tasty to the end. This newbie would be a great match for a glass of bourbon or brandy.

5. La Aurora Untamed Extreme
Let your wild side roar with a smoke from this new brand of cigar from La Aurora. This company is the oldest cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic, so you know that you are going to get Old World quality with a modern day flare. It has a blend of two favorite tobaccos hand wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers. You will taste warm notes of the tropics in this bold cigar.