5 Creative Reasons to Host a Ceramic Convention

Whether a convention is centered on ceramics or another product, these business events provide unique benefits. Here are five reasons why you should host a local ceramic convention.

Networking and Community
Conventions provide rare opportunities for people, who normally would never interact with each other, to come together, socialize and learn something new. The ultimate purpose of ceramic meetings and conventions is to start building an informal community of customers and business owners. Therefore, be sure to involve people who represent a variety of backgrounds. Having a diverse array of people from different professions will ensure creative problem solving and meaningful business networking.

Beat the Competition
The old business adage that 80 percent of profits comes from just 20 percent of customers is generally true. Ceramic conventions allow business owners to connect with clients, establish long-term relationships and improve their competitive edges. In fact, ceramic conventions provide the best opportunities to solidify relationships with active and committed customers from the 20 percent. Failure to capture these customers will result in them looking for different businesses to meet their commercial needs.

Current Events
The ceramic industry is actually quite complex with new products and techniques continually emerging. An annual ceramic convention is a great way to provide a conference that provides attendees with useful information and industry updates. This is an excellent time to reveal and launch new products. Be sure to invite clients and companies that fit the potential target market. Product launches must go hand in hand with meaningful and applicable content and market updates.

Conventions encourage communication and cooperation. There are many personal and business benefits to be gained from attending. For example, some business owners may be inspired from seeing people succeed in the face of adversity. Other business owners will be inspired to strategically plan for the future. However, a ceramic convention for regular consumers will mainly provide networking and information sharing opportunities. Synergy will inspire and build morale, which is especially important for home-based business owners.

Use a Professional Speaker
One of the most exciting reasons to host a ceramic convention is to offer attendees the opportunity to listen to and interact with a professional speaker. Most attendees will quickly tire of marketing pitches and PowerPoint presentations, but an engaging and charismatic speaker will provide exclusive content and encourage attendees to return to future events. Professional speakers should have industry expertise and innovative ideas on how to use ceramics. Professional speakers can be very persuasive and challenge resistant clients who adopt limited and stereotypical attitudes towards ceramics.

Additional reasons to host a ceramic convention include collective problem solving and specific information exchanges. That is, they are excellent platforms to share updates about product recalls or the results of new studies.