5 Important Things to Know Before Having a Psychic Reading

Ever since humans developed a deeper consciousness about the origins of the cosmos and the divine, they have sought the advice of gifted oracles. From ancient holy prophets to Nostradamus and right to our popular television mediums, people have flocked to psychics to get advice about decisions in their lives. Even a lot of skeptics have a bit of curiosity as to how the whole psychic reading works.

If you have decided to get a psychic reading, you are not alone. According to data from the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, at least 47,000 people in this country kept a psychic on retainer during the year of 2012. That does even include the thousands of people who make one-time calls to psychic hotlines, visit websites, or attend personal readings.

Having a psychic reading can be a thrilling adventure which can give you insight to things that you ordinarily would not consider. You may be excited and nervous at the same time. Before you have your first psychic reading, here are five important things to keep in mind about physic/medium readings:

1. Psychics communicate in the spiritual realm, whether you consider it Heaven or another astral plane. They may go into trances or just speak candidly as they get messages from spiritual beings.

2. Psychics communicate with the spirit world in several different ways, says the International Academy of Consciousness. Sometimes, they will use a blend of these techniques to inspire the optimal reading for you. Many psychics are clairvoyant, which means that they see spirits. Whether it is your deceased loved one or a spirit guide, clairvoyants can make out their features. It may be an actual entity or a vision in the psychic’s mind. If they are clairaudient, they can hear the voices of the spirits and may relay important messages to you from another realm. Physics may also receive messages for you telepathically or through emotions or physical sensations.

3. There can be vibrations in the room that can affect a reading. The physic, you, and anyone else in the room have different physic vibrations and can affect the clarity of the reading. You have a better chance of a clearer psychic reading if you remain positive and open to the experience. Negativity can blur the windows of a psychic vision.

4. When you are in your reading, the less you say, the better. If the psychic asks you to clarify something, then you can. Otherwise, a simple “yes” or “no” will be all that is needed. People often find that they are more open to their intuition when they listen more.

5. If you are looking for true validation in a psychic reading, then do not reveal a lot of information. Let the psychic confirm things that you already know. You will be even more impressed when you do not have the feeling that you have inadvertently fed the psychic information. A genuine psychic/medium does not have to fish for information. He or she should find it through spirit and intuition.