5 Inspiring Spiritual Gifts Ideal for Your Spouse

Gift giving and receiving is one aspect of being a couple that can become routine and sometimes stale. Here is a springboard of 5 ideas you can give your spouse that have spiritual significance.
1. Pray for your spouse and let them know! If you are really serious about this gift idea, consider keeping a journal over the course of a year about the things you have prayed for on behalf of your spouse. The journal does not have to be elaborate, extensive, or expansive. A simple inexpensive paper back journal from any drug store will do perfectly. Mark the dates and write a few lines about the things you admire about your spouse, something significant or special you noticed about them, and what you are praying for over them or on their behalf. If there is no specific prayer request, write a scripture verse down that you have in your heart. Gift this at a significant time of the year and you may be shocked at how meaningful the gesture resonates.

2. Date your spouse regularly and routinely find ways to have fun, together. This may sound a little un-spiritual, but a healthy and satisfying marriage is a spiritual gift that benefits more than just your spouse. Your children will reap the benefits of your thriving marriage. Your examples will be their tomorrow. Other couples too will witness your fun life together and identify the blessings of a healthy marriage.

3. Weekend retreats are a great opportunity for spouses to reconnect. An even better weekend retreat is one where the two of you are encircled by other couples who truly want their marriage to grow and be the best possible friendship. A Weekend to Remember is a unique experience for couples to get educated and encouraged. It’s an opportunity to spend a weekend away at a five-star resort and grow together, with specific action points to continue growing together. Couples walk away being able to identify the way that day-to-day life distracts and slowly pulls couples into isolation. Give this gift and you may just go back every year!

4. Traditions are an important way to solidify any relationship. Share something together year after year and reminisce on previous years. The simplest tradition may be to watch your wedding video every anniversary. You can do this anywhere – it doesn’t require a special getaway. Just set some time aside while you are celebrating to look back and remind yourselves how amazing it was to fall in love and pledge yourselves to one another.

5. The Bible instructs us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to be thankful and give thanks. Now that distinction, give thanks, is significant because it may be easy for some personalities to identify intellectually something which makes them grateful. The next step however is essential to happy spouses and successful marriage. You want to let your spouse know what you are thankful for. If you appreciate your spouse unloading the dishwasher, say it aloud! If your spouse is especially fond of physical touch, give a big hug, squeeze, kiss, or playful pat along with your words! Being thankful is a gift to your spouse because it reminds them that their selfless acts throughout the day do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Being thankful is a gift. You may want to take this thought a step further and keep a small journal, similar to suggestion #1, for every day in a year. Write down one, three, or five things each morning or evening of things you are thankful for regarding your spouse. Birthday, Valentine, or Anniversary would be a good time to gift a personal book of thanksgiving.