5 Simple Details to Make Your Wedding Dress Pop

Every bride wants her friends, family and guests to be stunned by how beautiful she and her dress are. However, making choices that complement the dress, rather than detracting from it, can be tough. Here are five simple ways to add highlights to the bridal ensemble without overdoing the glam.

Companion Garments
When properly chosen, a jacket, shawl or belt can be added to the wedding ensemble as a simple and clever way to dress things up, according to Huffington Post. If the bride’s gown has beautiful, intricate bead work on the bodice, it is important not to cover up that artistry. Choosing a shawl of sheer fabric or a bolero-style jacket will best accomplish that. Some dresses, however, have the finer details on the back. In this case, a jacket would not have the desired effect. However, a sheer shawl or a stole would be very suitable.

Appropriate Accessories
The rule of thumb for accessorizing with jewelry is to keep it simple and classic. A lower cut neck line begs to be adorned with a beautiful necklace. An elegant up-do hairstyle leaves earlobes exposed making them perfect for a pair of stylish earrings. Be sure that the jewels and metals of jewelry match well with the color and style of the gown. When wearing a cream or off-white gown, it is better to choose gold jewelry over silver. However, all of the jewelry worn also needs to match the wedding ring. No one wants to be perfectly adorned in silver and sapphires only to add a gold and diamond ring to the mix.

Fashionable Footwear
For a flowing, floor length dress which fully covers the feet, a pair of satin bride’s slippers is perfectly fashionable and comfortable. However, choosing shoes that are complementary to the dress length as well as the color and style is essential. For a hemline anywhere between the ankle and the mid-thigh, flats and pumps are equally acceptable. For a higher hem line, consider wearing heels, ankle boot or even knee-high boots for the truly trendy bride.

Get Old Fashioned
Rip a page out of Jane Austen’s fashion playbook by adding a pair of gloves or a hand fan to the wedding day ensemble. For inspiration, check out this article from Forbes. Elbow length gloves, in either lace or satin, can be a perfect addition to the bridal attire. There is no need to wear the gloves throughout the day or even throughout the ceremony. Stick to having them on for the receiving line and during pictures, when the bride will be the most visible.

Hide the Tech
There is nothing tackier than a bride, fully dressed and adorned, carrying around her cell phone or other little gadgets. A small but elegant handbag or clutch is the perfect solution to hiding those necessary evils along with lip gloss, perfume, breath mints and other minutia needed to get the bride through her magical day.