5 Smart Winter Landscaping Tips for a Greener Spring

Finding ideas for creating and maintaining a more attractive landscape during the colder months of winter can make a considerable difference. From improving the curb appeal of a home to maintaining a more picturesque exterior all year long, the following tips can all help to ensure that winter landscaping efforts are able to produce superior result.

Evergreen Plants

Bare trees and bushes can create a stark and lonely environment. Evergreen plants are ideal for creating a greener setting. Trees and bushes that stay lush a green throughout the year can ensure that lawns and other outdoor environments are able to get a jump-start on spring once the snow and ice of winter begin to recede.

Utilizing Hardscaped Areas

While mulched surfaces and packed earth may be enough to create paths and partition outdoor environments during the rest of the year, hardscaped areas can be an invaluable resource during a snow or ice storm. The greater durability that stone, concrete and other hard surfaces have to offer can be a valuable commodity during the winter season. Adding hardscaped ares to an existing landscape can minimize the inconvenience and additional labor and maintenance efforts that may be required due to a build up of snow or ice.

Good Drainage is Essential

While snow storms may seem less likely to cause flooding, water damage or other issues, good drainage is absolutely essential when the temperatures warm up enough to melt snow and ice. Heavy snowfalls can tax even the best drainage systems and lawns and other outdoor environments that may be unable to handle large quantities of moisture may create no end of problems once warmer spring weather begins to arrive.

Berries Make a Colorful Addition to Any Landscape

Plants and shrubs that produce berries during the fall and winter months offer a simple way to add a splash of color to a winter landscape. Seasonal berries are also a valuable food source for birds and other wildlife that may brighten an exterior environment. Holly plants and other seasonal berries make a great addition to areas that would otherwise feel gray and barren during the cold temperatures and frequent snows that many regions experience during the onset of winter.

Preparing Ponds and Waterfalls for Winter

Aquatic areas can make a very eye-catching highlight for outdoor environments, but the issues caused when ponds and other water fixtures begin to freeze over can create many problems. A few simple equipment upgrades can ensure that running water fixtures are able to stay functional throughout the year. Investing in the right equipment or setup can also reduce the amount of seasonal or annual maintenance that may be required in order to get a pond or other water fixture up and running in time for the spring.