5 Tips for Keeping Your Classic Car in Mint Condition

Owning a classic car is a dream for many people today. The number of classic cars in the world is declining slowly. You want your classic vehicle to last for as long as possible and look good the entire time. Here are five tips for keeping your classic car in mint condition.

Store It Inside and Covered

Fewer than 10 percent of the cars on the road today are more than 20 years old. One reason for this is that cars become increasingly vulnerable to the elements over the years. The two most important steps you can take to keep your classic car in good condition are storing it in a garage and covering it. You want to have a clean garage with some temperature control as primary storage for the vehicle. Put a cover on it even when in the garage. This will prevent a large amount of wear and damage.

Detail the Car Often

The second tip is to detail your classic car often. You can do this yourself or call in professionals. You need to do this because the normal dust and dirt that settles on the car is acidic and corrosive. If you allow the dust to sit on your car, then it is slowly going to wear away the finish, dull the colors and destroy the interior. You need to have it completely detailed at least once a year. This must include caring for any upholstery or leather that is inside the classic car.

Start Up or Drive the Car Regularly

A number of classic cars at a single show in Monterey recently sold for a combine total of a half billion dollars. The value of your classic vehicle might make you want to avoid using it. Do not do this. You need to start up or drive the classic car regularly. If you allow it to sit without running, then parts inside the vehicle will begin to corrode, rust and break down. You need to have the engine and car running to keep those critical parts lubricated and moving. Driving the car for around 15 to 20 minutes every month is good. Just starting the engine every two weeks will work as well.

Schedule Professional Checkups

You need to have a professional mechanic look at your classic car on regular basis. Do this even if you think the car is in perfect condition. A professional might be able to see things that you cannot. A mechanic could identify potential problems that might destroy the car over the course of many years. You might also have just missed something when working on the vehicle. Schedule one professional inspection a year.

Leave the Emergency Brake or Handbrake Off

A final tip is to leave the emergency brake or handbrake off in the classic car if one is present. The reason is that brake could become stuck and will not release later if it sits that way for a long time. This can really hurt the car. It is best to leave the brakes off. If you want to be certain that your car does not roll or move, then invest in some wheel chocks to keep it in place.