5 Valuable Lessons Smartphones Have Taught Us

New era: Age of The Smartphone

Due to the rapid growth of technology, smart phones are simply described as cellular phones with miniature computer abilities. With its advanced and multiple applications helping us carryout day-to-day activities at just the touch of a button, most of the human population consider their smart phone to be more than an appendage to them, to the extent that they couldn’t imagine how or what life would be without it. Over the past few years, here’s what I’ve learnt through the use of smart phones.

Broad Business Dimensions

Smart phones allow both the vendor and buyer to interact through the internet hence being extremely efficient. Use of smart phones in businesses is also a time saver. Through the internet, buyers are able to purchase goods in the comfort of their homes and have them delivered to their doorstep. The full potential of the use of smart phones in business cannot be estimated, but the possibilities are incessant.

Smartphones Help Us Learn and Study

Education has been part and parcel of human development since day one. Through technology and smart phones, knowledge lovers have found new and fun ways to fulfill their dreams. Smart phones help students quickly and conveniently gain access to the internet to fish for information whenever it is required. Online learning has made it possible for students that are limited by time and location to be able to attend classes without affecting their work schedule. Through smartphones, the society has access to a vast amount of the learning resources known to man.

Health Research and Awareness

According to research done in the USA, over 20 million people use their smart phones to do research on health information and the closest and best facilities. Application designers have been able to come up with apps that are able to give advice and expected results of daily exercises, manage your diet and also measure heart rate. Some of the healthcare applications include medical calculators as well as personal health and drug tools. Smart phones also come in handy for doctors if they need to monitor and interact with patients.

Physical and Psychological Impacts

Doctors at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary have noticed a rise in patients complaining of eye problems that are usually brought about by use of smart phones or laptops. On average, a human is supposed to blink between 12 to 20 times per minute, but when one stares at a screen for a prolonged duration the rate falls by half causing dry eyes. Additional symptoms include contortion of the facial muscles; shoulder and neck muscles also tense up.

Phantom Episodes

There are people who incorrectly hear their phone ring or vibrate; they are said to be suffering from Phantom Cell Phone Vibration Syndrome. Additionally, some suffer from nomophobia, this is the fear of losing one’s phone.

We Get Bored Less Often, Which is Bad

It’s often said that the best ideas come from out of the blue. When the human mind is bored, it searches for innovative ideas in new places leading to new discoveries and adventures. My two cents on this lesson is that depending on your smart phone when you are bored will make you less productive in the long run.