5 Ways Hair Extensions Can Change the Look of Your Hair

For women in particular, our hair is very intricately tied into our sense of self-esteem. Long is the list of hair dressers that has transformed long hair into a short bob after a bad breakup. It has become such a popular phenomenon that even celebrities have become well known for it and there is even a name for it: a break-over. How our hair looks has a direct effect on our whole attitude and outlook on life. Here are 5 ways hair extensions can change your look – and maybe even change your life.

1. Rock it up

You may not want to permanently die your hair bright pink or mermaid green, but with hair extensions, you can rock the look for the weekend or a week without the kind of long term commitment that permanently dying your hair requires. You can either have extensions woven in for a longer term look or get hair extensions on a small comb or clip that you can just clip into your hair for a night out on the town.

2. Pump it up

Hair extensions can actually be placed beneath your existing hair to provide fullness and volume to your hair without looking fake or artificial. Best of all, extensions can be woven into your hair underneath existing hair, so you don’t have to worry about a comb going askew or a large chunk of your hair appearing to suddenly fall out at the wrong moment! This is also great for women with thinning hair, because extensions can be used to cover over patchy spots, giving you a thick, full head of hair.

3. Glam it up

Even if you don’t want pink or green highlights, you can get beautiful temporary highlights with extensions. Best of all, they can be woven all through your hair. To get highlights, hair often has to be bleached and processed, which can damage natural hair. Depending on how long your hair is, it can also take several years to restore your hair to its natural color. Now you can have red highlights one month and blonde highlights another and perfectly natural healthy hair all at the same time.

4. Go long

Of course, the most traditional use of extensions is to create long hair. If your hair doesn’t grow very fast and you want long, luscious locks overnight, get some extensions!

5. Accessorize

Hair extensions don’t have to just give you highlights, volume or length. You can also use them to create a pony tail, a bun, braids that run across your head like a headband or even Princess Leia buns for a day. If you want bangs for a bit but don’t want to cut your hair, just have some short extensions woven in front.