6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Many believe the entire nation will legalize medical marijuana within a decade or two. Although marijuana has been in the news a great deal lately, many people are unaware of its potential benefits for themselves and others. The best person to ask about this issue, of course, is your personal care physician. In this article, we’ll list six great questions to ask any doctor about medical marijuana the next time you visit him/her.

1. Could Medical Marijuana Help Cure My Condition?

Some people believe marijuana is a panacea, while others believe marijuana only works on certain conditions. There’s a long list of diseases medical marijuana is purportedly effective at combatting. To get the latest official medical opinion on this issue, you should ask whether or not your doctor believes medical marijuana could help your specific condition. A few of the diseases that almost always qualify for medical marijuana usage include glaucoma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, and ALS. A few conditions that could potentially be cured through medical marijuana use include fibromyalgia, anxiety attacks, depression, and back pain.

2. What’s The Best Way To Ingest Medical Marijuana?

Whenever we think of marijuana, most often the stereotype of a hippie smoking pot at Woodstock comes to mind. However, there are numerous other ways that people can ingest medical cannabis nowadays. Some doctors recommend taking cannabis in pill form because the intense “high” experienced by smokers becomes diffused throughout the entire day. Other methods of taking medical marijuana include via oral sprays and even vaporizers.

3. Are There Side Effects To Taking Medical Marijuana?

Be sure to address all the potential side effects you could experience using medical marijuana. You should go over all the medicines you are currently prescribed and ask if there could be any harmful interactions by adding medical marijuana to the mix. Go over what your doctor thinks would be the best dosage to try, and be sure to schedule a follow-up just to ensure everything is going alright.

4. Is Medical Marijuana Safe For Children?

If you have a child with a debilitating disease, you might want to ask whether or not marijuana could potentially help him/her. Also, if you have children and are considering taking medical marijuana for yourself, ask your doctor what the best policy is for smoking cannabis in the household. Perhaps you doctor will recommend taking a pill or oral spray form of medical marijuana.

5. Will Medical Marijuana Interfere With My Work?

It’s important to consider how medical marijuana will affect your daily routine. If you work with heavy machinery, or if you commute every day, you should really ask your doctor when the best time to take your dose of medical marijuana is. Ensure that taking medical marijuana won’t negatively interfere with your work performance.

6. Should I Take Time Off Of Work To Test Medical Marijuana?

Somewhat related to the last question, you should probably ask your doctor whether or not it’s a wise move to begin using medical marijuana during a vacation period. This short vacation could give your body enough time to acclimate to medical marijuana, and you could adjust to the “new normal” of adding a dose of medical marijuana to your life.