6 Reasons to Give Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a great tradition that started in the military but have now spread out to the civilian parts of the population as well. Their purpose according to Mental Floss is to signal membership within the organization. In the military this is an easy enough concept to understand, but civilians using them has raised the complexity of exactly what these coins mean. We look at some of the reasons to give challenge coins today.

As An Award

Instead of a trophy or ribbon, some in the civilian ranks now use challenge coins as a way of rewarding those who win in a contest. That is a fun way to spread these coins around and reward those who compete well in various contests. It may not be the original purpose of the coins, but these things tend to take on a life of their own.

At Weddings

The Studio reports that many weddings now feature challenge coins as a sort of thank you to those who have helped organize the event. Again, this is comparably different from what challenge coins were originally designed for, but once again it makes a lot of sense to use the coins in this way.

A Memorial

Closer to military tradition would be to use the challenge coin as a memorial token to someone who has passed away. This could be a specially designed coin that was meant to honor the person who has died. It may also be a coin that one places at the grave site of someone they love.


Another milestone life event that may be honored with a challenge coin is a graduation. Think of it as collecting something important for reaching the very important milestone of graduation. People like to celebrate this achievement and what better way to do so than with a challenge coin to mark the moment?

Birth Announcement

Birth announcements are really catching on with people these days. You could say that social media is playing a role in how much some of these announcements get hyped. Now you can add one more layer of hype and circumstance to a birth announcement when you throw a challenge coin into the mix.

Promotional Item

Finally, one might consider using a challenge coin as something of a promotional item. This is because companies want to get their name out in any way possible. Since challenge coins are starting to capture the imagination of the public at large, should we really be surprised that companies are wanting to jump in on the fun as well? It was only a matter of time before they got on this bandwagon.