6 Simple Tips for Saving Energy Around The House

If you want to save money, then use these simple tips to avoid wasting energy in your home.

Energy Saving Tip 1: Seal Crevices and Holes In Your Home 

Walk around outside your home to find holes and crevices that require caulking. You can find liquid or roll caulking materials at a hardware store, and it is easy to apply in open spaces. By sealing openings, you can prevent the loss of climate-controlled air to reduce your electric or natural gas bill. In addition to sealing crevices and holes outside your home, you can use caulking materials inside your home for extra savings.

Energy Saving Tip 2: Turn Down the Temperature On Your Water Heater

You may have your home’s water heater set at a high level, but when you turn it down slightly, you can save money while heating the water. It is also a good idea to find ways to use cold water instead of hot water while washing garments or cleaning your home. Washing clothing in hot water can shrink and fade the items, so using colder water is a better plan.

Energy Saving Tip 3: Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts

If your home has filthy air ducts, then an air conditioner or furnace must work harder to cool or heat your home. Remove the vents to vacuum or dust the air ducts as much as possible. If you notice a lot of dust inside your home on a consistent basis, then call a professional technician who has specialized equipment to remove deeply embedded debris from the ductwork.

Energy Saving Tip 4: Use Heavier Drapes On Your Home’s Windows

To keep your home warmer or cooler, use heavier drapes on your home’s windows. When it is cold, close the draperies to prevent drafts in your home. In the summer, it is a good idea to close the drapes to keep out the sunlight that makes a home hotter.

Energy Saving Tip 5: Turn Off Unneeded Electronics or Appliances

When you leave appliances and electronics on all of the time, it can increase your electric bill drastically. Walk through your home to determine if television or computers are left on 100 percent of the time. Talk to your family about the importance of turning off electronics and appliances as much as possible.

Energy Saving Tip 6: Save Money In the Kitchen

Rather than using a dishwasher to wash dishes, have your children wash the dishes by hand. With this method, you will save electricity and water. In addition, remember to place meat in the refrigerator to thaw the day before so that you don’t need to use a microwave to thaw the food.