7 Fun Photo Shoot Ideas to do With Your Family

Whether you use family photographs for Christmas cards or family announcements, you want to find a way to inject humor and personality into the portraits. The days of awkward posed shots at the local department store are over. You don’t have to hire a professional to capture your family in all its glory. The pictures don’t have to be perfect. The best family photos speak to the personality of your family. You should let that shine.

1. Spelling Words

If each family member holds a wooden or metal three-dimensional letter, you can spell out some funny or amazing things. This is something that can be taken to an extremely humorous place, or a completely loving place. The choice is up to you. Have the children join in on choosing the word, and they’re less likely to rebel on picture day.

2. Framed Photographs

From the parents or grandparents down to the smallest child, each can be holding a frame with another family member in it. It’s a fantastic way to be original while taking your family photographs. You’ll need to make sure you have the same background for each family member then use a program like Photoshop to arrange the photos.

3. The Kissing Photo

If your children always giggle when you kiss your significant other, you can use this to your advantage. Have the children sit on the floor while you stretch over them to kiss. It’s an adorable photo that every parent will understand. It’s something the children will cherish later too.

4. Get Your Feet Wet

For a memorable photo, head out into the rain. You can dress in your Sunday best or raincoats and umbrellas. The choice is up to you, but the photos will be something others haven’t done. It’s important that you let the kids be spontaneous. They’ll provide great material for your photographs.

5. The Reflection of Family

If you don’t want to head outside in the rain, you can wait until after to capture your family’s reflection in a puddle. It’s a unique perspective that can have great results. Make sure the water is still, or the images might not be as clear as possible.

6. Natural Setting

You don’t have to head outside to find the best setting for your photographs. Sitting around the kitchen table or having dinner together can be a great photograph if the entire family is involved. You can photograph the family baking together, or laying in bed on Sunday morning.

7. Be Yourselves

When it comes to family shots, don’t worry if everyone is looking at the camera. You can let everyone be themselves. Let siblings bicker while you kiss your husband or wife. It’s a cute reflection of the reality of your family.

Family photographs don’t have to be perfect. They should reflect the natural love you have within your family as well as their personality. If your family loves rolling in the grass at the park, heading to the beach or splattering paint everywhere, consider sharing your activities as a family photo.