7 Major Benefits to Gain from Exercise

Look back a few hundred years, and people were involved in physical activity from sunrise to sundown. Farming, hunting, gathering, cleaning, cooking, caring for livestock, working at a trade – few professions existed where both body and mind were not engaged. But today our culture looks very different. We are sedentary and automated and often stressed and depressed.

In this post, learn seven major benefits you will gain from adding physical exercise back into your daily or weekly regimen.

Benefit #1: You will feel calmer and more centered.
Exercise not only tones and firms your body, but it also clears and centers your mind. This occurs because exercise flushes out toxins and the stress hormones caused by today’s whirlwind schedules.

Benefit #2: You will have more energy for the rest of your life.
Paradoxically, exercise both uses and creates energy. When you are exercising, you are breathing in more deeply and fully. This re-oxygenates your body, improves blood circulation throughout your body’s system, strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles and rejuvenates your whole physical system.

Benefit #3: You will look trimmer.
You may look long and hard and still not find a single soul who doesn’t want to lose at least a few pounds. Our culture today often seems to revolve around weight gain and loss, with numerous fad diets and supplements that claim to hold the key to keeping the weight off.

But the key can be found where it has always been – with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Benefit #4: You will enjoy intimacy more.
During the brief moments when we are not obsessing about body shape or size, we are often busy worrying about our private intimate lives with our partners. There are many worries that can keep you from feeling like you are “in the mood.” But one of the worst is feeling body shame.

Exercise will give you back body respect and even admiration and appreciation, and it will give you more energy in the sack as well.

Benefit #5: Exercise helps you meet new friends and colleagues.
As a networking tool, exercise offers a wealth of options that few other avenues can. You can easily find a social fitness activity you enjoy and, with that, gain the chance to meet new friends and colleagues.

Benefit #6: Exercise is a great new hobby.
If you automatically think “chore” when you hear the word “exercise,” you may be forgetting about all the fun ways there are to get in shape. Cycling, frisbee, swimming, playing hide n’ seek with your kids – there is no reason you can’t have lots of fun with your new exercise hobby!

Benefit #7: Exercise improves your sleep.
At the end of a long day, what you probably look forward to the most is restful sleep. But many people today struggle to get restful sleep. Exercise can definitely help with this!