7 Problems With Handling a Cross-Country Move By Yourself

Moving is never easy. The longer the move, the harder it is. That means that moving across the country can be a nightmare, especially if you do it on your own. There are plenty of guides that can make it a little bit easier, but none of them address the big problems that can strike if an inexperienced person tries to handle a cross-country move on their own.

Multiple Trips

Most people can’t fit everything that they own in a car. If you’re doing a local move, you can simply take multiple trips. If you need to cross the entire country, that isn’t an option. Multiple trips would take more time and money than most people can afford, which means either leaving things behind or renting vehicles with plenty of extra cargo space.

Safe Packing

Packing a truck is an art form. A good packing job helps to ensure that everything arrives in one piece, while a bad one can to heavy losses. Since long trips mean more opportunities for damage, getting this right is more important for a cross-country move than a local one. No packing job can completely eliminate the risk of damage, but the best ones really do prevent problems.

Bringing Animals

Bringing an animal across the country introduces new problems. You need to bring extra food, find extra space, and give your furry friend time to walk if you don’t want a mess in your car. Some moving companies offer special support that makes moving an animal easier, but all of them can free up cargo space to give your pet a more comfortable ride by your side while you move.

Staying on Schedule

Timing is crucial for a long move. If some packages arrive too early, they can get lost before you arrive. If they show up too late, you need to go without some of your possessions until they arrive. Coordinating every aspect of a move takes experience, since it’s easy to forget about something until it is too late. Some people can handle it on their own, but most people don’t have enough experience to avoid making at least a couple of mistakes.

Managing Little Details

Moving involves dealing with dozens of little details, such as printing out labels, remembering to pack small personal items, and getting the car ready for the journey. Some people manage to remember them all by meticulously following a checklist, but it’s easy to forget something. If multiple people are helping with the move, the confusion and lack of coordination that the extra people bring can make it even harder. Only experience makes this easier, but the average person doesn’t move often enough to get that experience.

Car Trouble

Long trips are hard on the average car, especially when it is loaded down with enough possessions to fill a house. Overloaded cars are prone to damage, and it can be a pain to fix them on the road. This is especially true if the car needs to be unloaded before it can be repaired. Specialized trucks can handle that sort of cargo without any problems, but very few people have an appropriate vehicle of their own.

Stress And Aggravation

All of those potential problems mean that handling a big move on your own is one of the most aggravating experiences that most people will have to deal with. Stress can lead to outbursts, which leads to hurt feelings and resentment. In the worst cases, that can cause a loving relationship to fall apart. Most of the time, it’s better to avoid the stress by calling in help.