8 Creative Ideas for your Wedding Photo Shoot

The photo shoot can be the most fun part of the wedding day. Make sure your photos are unique and challenge the status quo by checking out some of the best wedding photo shoot ideas below.

1. Childhood Photo
One cool way to make sure everyone knows where you came from is to create a photo shoot with childhood photos. The bride and groom should take a few of their favorite photos from childhood. They should hold them in front of their faces while wearing their wedding attire. The shot should have a clear picture of the photos with the tux and wedding dress in the background.

2. Framed Photo Shoot
To incorporate some other family members into your photos, try the framed photo shoot. A friend or family member can hold up an empty picture frame. The bride and groom should stand or walk in the distance. The frame should frame the happy couple. The final shot should show all three people in the photos.

3. Famous Painting Photos
Take a page out of the Festival of the Art’s play book, and pose your wedding party to mimic famous paintings, like “The Last Supper,” “Conversation,” or “Family Group.”

4. Selfie Photo Shoot
Make sure everyone knows your sense of humor by taking a few selfies during your photo shoot. You can even ask your professional photographer to get some great photos of the bride, groom and the rest of the group taking selfies.

5. Props in a Photo Shoot
Props are becoming increasingly popular during wedding photo shoots. You can make signs or masks that say “His and Hers” to hold over the bride’s and groom’s faces. Add funny hats or olden timey day cigarette holders. You can even choose a theme for your props, like Southern belle wedding or retro 1920s wedding. Use backdrops to make it look like you’re in someplace exotic, like Tahiti or the North Pole. Try not to overuse props though. You want to make sure to remember your special day as it was – not as an unrealistic fantasy.

6. Nighttime Photo Shoot
Most wedding photo shoots take place during the day, so schedule yours for nighttime! Granted, your photo shoot might cut into your reception time. Just make sure to get some daytime photos, too, so you can make sure to have a few before you’ve eaten tons of cake. Use sparkling lights and other techniques to make your photos surreal.

7. Mundane Activities Photo Shoot
Do you and your partner love to read? Are you known to go on long fishing trips? Do you love to play Scrabble? Include some of these mundane activities into your photo shoot. Snag a quiet spot in the hotel’s library to set up a Scrabble board. Or, take your photo shoot to the public library if you and your fiancé love to read.

8. Underwater Photo Shoot
Get really creative with an underwater photo shoot. This one would need to be for only those who are not faint of heart about messing up the wedding dress and hairdo. An underwater photo can be extremely dramatic and is an unexpected shot to snag on your special day.

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