8 Wedding Photo Ideas that are Timeless

While you might want a few candid, silly shots that are trendy at the moment, those should be taken by your friends and family. Those are your backup photographers. The professional photographer should be taking timeless wedding photos that will look beautiful in 10 or 20 years. If you’ve ever looked back at some of the trendy, wedding photos from a few years ago, they already look out of date. Your photographs should beĀ timeless.

1. The Waiting Groom

This is a classic shot that should be in every wedding album. When he sees his bride for the first time, is another photograph that will bring back memories years later.

2. Bride and Groom at the Altar

With many of the trends revolving around pictures of the details like the wedding rings, shoes and dress, it’s surprising how many pictures don’t feature the bride and groom. There should be many pictures of this moment when the two are standing together about to be linked forever.

3. Walking Down the Aisle

The moment after exchanging vows, when the newly married couple is walking down the aisle, is an important photograph to capture.

4. First Dances

The bride and groom, the bride and her father and the groom with his mother are all first dances that can be captured beautifully. They should be in every album since they never go out of style. They show a moment filled with love.

5. Stay in the Moment

When you pause to play for the camera, you’re losing the natural moments that make the best photographs. Your photographer knows how to capture you in the best way, so you don’t need to play up the moment at all.

6. Sneak Away Together

If you didn’t want to spoil the surprise by seeing each other before the wedding, sneaking away during the reception is the best way to capture timeless photographs of the two of you together. These moments are intimate and show the two of you on the happiest day of your lives.

7. Kissing Photos

You don’t have to go for a trendy shot with accessories and filters. The couple in a genuine moment of love is one of the most timeless wedding photos you can have in your album. This photo can happen at any time during the night, and it’ll always be the perfect image.

8. Emotional Moments

All these photos have been about capturing real, emotional moments during the wedding ceremony and reception. There should be plenty of pictures featuring guests, family members and friends expressing happiness and joy during your wedding.

Timeless photographs do not have to exclude the fun photographs that show the wedding party having a good time. If you’re quirky and full of personality, you want images that will show that side of you, but don’t leave out the beautiful, candid moments that make a photograph timeless.