9 Stylish Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, women want to be wined and dined by the love of their life in romantic elegance. The perfect outfit is essential for the occasion. Here are nine outfit ideas that will put Cupid’s arrow right on target.

Timeless Trend
Be inspired by Audrey Hepburn and other classic silver screen stars. A pencil skirt in black with a pretty, pink blouse is a classic look for Valentine’s Day. Finish it off with a pair of heels and an up-do hairstyle, like a French twist, to really turn heads.

Classy Comfort
In today’s world, a pair of clean, stylish jeans can work on any occasion when paired with the right top and set of accessories. So break out those blue babies. Add a pair of ankle boots, a fitted top and a classy jacket or sweater for the right out on the town outfit. For inspiration, check out The Cut from NYMag.com.

Fun and Flirty
If the weather is cooperating, a flirty, flared skirt with a pair of sandals and a capped-sleeve top is a great way to keep things from getting boring while still looking fashionable on a Valentine’s date.

Stylish but Simple
The celebrities always know how to dress down with flare. The Huffington Post has provided a little guidance on what to steal from the famous for a simple Valentine’s Day outfit. It seems that a perfect pair of boots is the key to pulling it all together.

Gorgeous Glamor
For the super ritzy dinner and dancing date, we recommend drawing inspiration from prom night. A well-fitting satin gown, complimented by the appropriate glittering accessories, will make any woman shine on their romantic evening. Remember to include dance-worthy heels when outfit planning.

Cute and Cozy
February is not always a warm month. For a date in a less than temperate climate, a pair of pink or red leggings with a fluffy sweater is the way to go.

Slick and Sassy
Let’s not overlook the potential power of the standard little black dress. Almost every woman owns at least one. The evening can’t go wrong when wearing this ageless fashion gem. Grab a matching handbag, a pair of heels and enjoy until morning.

Bold Beauty
Some ladies are looking to make a statement on Valentine’s Day; one that says, “Look out world, you’re in my way.” Red, black or even pink leather pants or a skirt is a great start. Add in a button-down blouse or a flowing cross-over top.

Professional Perfection
Skirts, dresses and leggings aren’t for every woman. Making a business-like statement can be appealing even on the sweet and sappy holiday. A pair of tailored trousers, a suit coat over a lace camisole and a pair of well-polished shoes can be just as sexy as the cocktail dress the other girl is wearing. Remember to soften the outfit up with a relaxed hair-do or a few frilly accessories.