Motor Scooters-Choosing The One Best For You

Motor scooters provide an amazing amount freedom on the roads. They are agile, compact and highly maneuverable in most cases. Owning a scooter can let you travel much faster to destinations both near and far away. Here are some tips for choosing the best motor scooter for your lifestyle.

Gas or Electric

Motor scooters have been increasing in popularity because people do not want to worry about rising or fluctuating gas prices today. Your first decision has to be between a gas and electric scooter. Gas scooters are powerful and fast. They also require you to keep the tank full and tend to be very noisy. Electric scooters are quiet and can be charged at home. They also sometimes have limited speeds and difficulty going up steep hills. Choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Engine Size

The next and biggest decision you have to make is the engine size. Gas scooter engines are measured with engine displacement in cubic centimeters, or cc. Electric scooters sometimes use wattage, cc equivalent or other measurements. Scooters broadly come in 50cc, 150cc and 250cc engine sizes. Higher numbers mean more power but that also makes the scooter harder to handle. You generally want to start with a 50cc or 150cc scooter. Check with your local department of motor vehicles. Some areas require you to have a motorcycle license to operate motor scooters above a certain engine size.


A scooter with the right range can become your primary vehicle. This happened in Taiwan where 14 million scooters act as primary vehicles for most of the 23 million people living there. Every scooter will list the maximum range on a single charge or tank of gas. Make certain that you are comfortable with that range. Ensure it is enough to get you to work, school or other destinations without problems. You might need to consider a larger scooter if you have extreme range requirements such as more than 100 miles in a single trip each day.

Potential Storage Space

The next concern should be the amount of potential storage space on the motor scooter. Some scooters actually have miniature trunks. Others have storage under the seat or in front of the handlebars. It is never usually much although it can make a difference. See if there are attachments for the scooter that you could get later such as storage containers that hook to the sides. If you will be transporting things with your scooter, then understand how much it can hold and carry.

Options and Controls

You now need to look at the options and controls on any motor scooter that interests you. These are the little things that can make using the scooter more convenient or enjoyable. You can find scooters with everything from radios and digital dashboards to built-in media players. Some scooters come with rear-view mirrors while others lack hand brakes. Look at all the options and controls. Choose a scooter with controls that will fit your body and that has features you will genuinely use on a daily basis while riding. Do not pay for features that you know you will never use.