The Best Credit Cards for Earning Reward Points

You probably have at least one or two credit cards sitting in your wallet. Maybe you only use them for large purchases. Chances are, they’re earning you some type of cash back or rewards– but are you really maximizing your benefits and earning as much cash back as possible? We’re here to help you figure that out. We’ve analyzed four of the best credit cards for earning reward points for you.

Best No Annual Fee Card: Citi Double Cash
You don’t have to pay an annual fee to earn decent rewards. The Citi Double Cash card pays substantial rewards for $0 per year: you get 2 percent cash back on everything. This is how it breaks down: this credit card pays you 1 percent for every purchase, and then another 1 percent when you pay off the balance. Rob Berger, a contributor for Forbes, claims to have earned over $3000 in rewards from this card alone by using it to pay for college tuition.

Best for Groceries: American Express Blue Cash Preferred
This is a good option for families, or for anyone else who buys a lot of groceries. You’ll get a whole 6 percent cash back on groceries, for up to $6000 worth of groceries each year. If that isn’t enough, you also get 3 percent on gas and 1 percent on everything else.

Best Travel Rewards Card: Chase Sapphire Reserve
This card is famous for its cash back, travel credit, and lounge access. The $450 annual fee might scare some away, but we don’t think you should worry about it. Here’s why: you get $300 in travel credits every year. This is just free travel money that must be used within the year (it doesn’t roll over). That offsets the annual fee to only $150! If you’re a frequent flyer, consider this card or other travel rewards credit cards listed in this article in The Chicago Tribune.

Best Rewards Card For Students: Discover It Chrome for Students
Bankrate claims that the Discover It Chrome for Students is one of the best student credit cards out there. Student credit cards are created for young spenders who probably don’t have as much of a credit history yet– they take this into account when considering your credit application. If you make good grades, consider applying for this card. You’ll get a bonus for those A’s, on top of 2 percent cash back for gas and restaurants, and 1 percent for everything else.