Top 3 Things To Check When You Have an Electrical Outage

Power outages can be catastrophic for homeowners as well as business owners. This is because an outage can lead to the destruction of property either inside the home or building or the structure of the home itself. Power outages are caused by a variety of factors which include but not limited to storms, construction near power sources among many others.

Considering the risks that a person is exposed as a result of power outages, one should be prepared in case there is one. This is to ensure that one is able to get through the time that the power will be out. The time the power is out can range from short-term to a very long term.

When there is a power outage, there are several things that a person can do.
1) Check whether the outage is only your home.
This will guide a person to know whether it’s a problem with the circuit at their home or the power provider’s fault. If the neighbors still have power, then it’s advisable that a person checks their power sources for the circuit breaker or the fuse. A person should check the connection to the house to see whether there is any damage. If they are, one should stay away and call the power providers for assistance.

2) Check the safety of the house and electrical appliances in the house.
One should turn off electrical appliances that are in the house. This is to reduce the possibility of the appliances being damaged during a power surge when the power comes back on. This also is to lower the power load on the system. A lower power load is so that power can be restored easily. A person should also turn off the lights except for one bulb inside the house and one outside the house. The ones that are turned on are to inform the people restoring the power know when the power is back on. When using candles in the house, one should use the right candle holders. This is to minimize the dangers of the candle falling and causing a fire inside the house. Also keep the candles away from children.

3) Check the power backups.
Having power backup when there an electrical outage can be very handy. The backup can inform of a generator or a battery powered back up. Whichever backup that a person chooses, one should ensure that it’s installed by a qualified technician. This is for safety purposes. In case one is using a generator as a power backup, the generator should be installed outside the house, not inside the house. One should follow the instructions that have been given by the manufacturer. The lights and appliances should be connected directly to the generator.