Ways to Shade Your Outdoor Patio This Summer

There are a variety of permanent and temporary options available for shading your patio this summer. While the rays of the sun are a welcome sight as spring rolls around and the chill in the air is replaced with warmer temperatures, the heartiest soles welcome some shade as the heat of summer arrives. Below are some excellent ideas for shading your patio.


Using a large umbrella is one of the more obvious and affordable answers to providing some cover from the sun. These stylish patio accessories are versatile and can be moved around the patio as needed, or opened and closed depending on whether you want shade or sun at any given point in time. Providing a shady patio spot for reading or relaxing outside does not have to come with a large price tag.


Sails aren’t limited to boating these days. They can be used to provide shelter from the sun’s harsh rays. This DYI project offers creative types the opportunity to go with whatever colors they fancy at the time. According to the experts on the Bob Villa site, the only requirements for this project is a piece of fabric cut into a triangle and some type of rope or twine for securing the side of the fabric to a stationary object like trees, bushes or the side of the house. Eyelets need to be fashioned in the corners of the fabric for that purpose.


For homeowners interested in a more permanent structure, a pavilion provides year round comfort and a permanent refuge from the summer’s scorching rays. According to the Huffington Post, pavilions are typically located close to the house and often feature luxury items such as outdoor kitchens and entertainment centers. While a handy homeowner can construct a basic pavilion structure, more complicated designs are often delegated to contractors with experience building this type of building.

Lattice Panels

A favorite addition to many patios is lattice panels. Not only does this type of cover provide some much needed shade on a hot summer day, but it also adds a design feature perfect for gardeners interested in working plants or vines into the wood for some extra color and texture. This preferred shade provider acts as both a utilitarian and artistic answer for any sunny patio dweller interested in lounging outside on a sunny day.

Outdoor Draperies

The perfect accessory for any covered patio is outdoor draperies. This dual purpose solution can be used for privacy, shade and as a fashionable addition to any outside oasis. This relatively inexpensive fix offers flexibility and can be changed with the seasons or from year to year to freshen up the look.

There is no limit to the design possibilities for shading your patio area. Inexpensive solutions abound. Escaping into a cool and shaded patio retreat for some daydreaming or conversation is accessible on a budget or for homeowners seeking permanent solutions and willing to spend a little more.